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As healthcare becomes exceedingly more complex, eliminating variations in delivery of care across a healthcare system is imperative to achieving positive outcomes and ensuring patient safety.

B. Braun One is a unique approach designed to help IDNs standardize practicepatient care, and products

Why Standardize?

Make a difference to your patients.

  • Consistent patient care - providers can perform the same procedure the same way regardless of the individual or location.
  • Providers trained on the same regional anesthesia products.
  • Encourages standardized teaching and curriculum development.
  • Identifies outcome benchmarks across the network.
  • Promotes an easier discussion for the development of patient care pathways.
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Make a difference to your bottom line.

  • Drives greater GPO compliance.
  • Reduces SKU numbers.
  • Promotes a streamlined ordering process.
  • Helps prevent order entry errors.

Why B. Braun?

Clinicians trust our proven products. That's why we're number one.1

Continuous Epidural Trays

#1 in Epidural Trays 

Single shot and continuous

Open and closed tip in standard and springwound catheters 

Nerve Block Support Trays

#1 in Peripheral Nerve Block Trays

Stimulation and ultrasound trays 

Pencan® Spinal Anesthesia Trays

#1 in Spinal Trays

Glass and plastic spinal syringes 

In order for a standardization initiative to be successful, your health system should have a Value Analysis Committee (VAC) in place in which “all stakeholders recognize and appreciate the operational, financial and clinical benefits of product standardization".2

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