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Peripheral Nerve Block Clinical Product Training Program 

Training is defined as the action of teaching a person a particular skill or type of behavior. This definition aptly relates to B. Braun Medical’s PNB Clinical Product Training Program.  Designed for practicing anesthesiologists who understand the advantages of peripheral nerve blocks, this teaching involves education on the safe and effective use of B. Braun’s regional anesthesia products to assist you in developing a block program at your facility.  


Personalized Training 

The content for this training is tailored to meet each individual facility’s learning needs.  Whether it’s to optimize an existing block program or start one from scratch, B. Braun is there to help understand your specific challenges and opportunities. 

Once your goals and needs are understood, BBM will chose a trainer to help develop and provide the curriculum.  A national group of published, experienced MDs and RNs are there to deliver this customized content.

Clinicians who are motivated and have the buy-in from Administration, Nursing, Surgeons and other Anesthesiologists to make this change is the key to the program’s success.



PNB Clinical Product Training is a non-CME course, which includes didactic lectures, hands-on ultrasound scanning and building a development plan with these B. Braun sponsored facilitators. The workshops are designed to train a small group on technique and implementation, with one on one instruction on ultrasound scanning, involving live models as well as possible procedures.  

Your local B. Braun rep and our corporate offices help you get the most out of program, by determining how to then implement the knowledge and training learned.  Any small changes can make the biggest impact. Whether you’re a single facility or part of an anesthesia group, looking for a new program or expand on an existing one - B. Braun Medical’s PNB Clinical Product Training Program is there for you.