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A Powerful Alliance

B. Braun Melsungen AG and Royal Philips have formed a multi-year strategic alliance to innovate ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia – a rapidly growing alternative to general anesthesia – and vascular access.

B. Braun, the global leader in regional anesthesia and pain management, and Philips, a global leader in image guided therapy solutions, are leveraging their combined clinical expertise and R&D capabilities, as well as sales and service channels, to jointly develop and commercialize solutions to support anesthesiologists and hospitals in critical areas of regional anesthesia. The alliance will also focus on vascular access procedures, such as those used to insert catheters into deeply seated veins as part of a catheter-based treatment.

B. Braun & Philips Alliance

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„Philips and B. Braun have a worldwide reputation for clinical innovations and a shared commitment to work with patients and care providers to optimize healthcare delivery and improve patient outcomes.“

– Rob Cascella, Chief Business Leader of the Diagnosis & Treatment Businesses at Philips

„This new alliance illustrates our commitment to Sharing Expertise, not only with our customers but also with key technology players, to meet the needs and challenges faced today and into the future.“

– Dr. Meinrad Lugan, member of the B. Braun board of directors


Supporting critical areas of regional anesthesia

These solutions are intended to enhance needle visualization and guidance, as well as optimize procedure workflow and resource planning to bring efficiency across the patient care cycle, with fewer side effects, less recovery time and lower risk of complications.

Enhancing regional anesthesia procedures

A solution for ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia comprising a dedicated point-of-care mobile ultrasound system, decision support software, echogenic needles, and a suite of services.

Regional anesthesia

Regional anesthesia or analgesia involves the injection of an anesthetic in the proximity of a nerve, targeting areas of a patient’s body that are subject to surgical intervention. Regional anesthesia can have significant advantages over general anesthesia for both patients and hospitals. Patients undergoing regional anesthesia typically benefit from reduced opioid consumption and fewer side-effects, such as nausea. Moreover, regional anesthesia may lead to faster post-surgical recovery, allowing patients to ambulate or leave the hospital sooner, which benefits both patients and hospitals.

Meeting a need

However, regional anesthesia and especially peripheral nerve blocks are not easy to perform. Maximizing anesthetic effectiveness and preventing damage to the targeted nerve or other tissue structures depends on the accurate placement of the needle tip through which the anesthetic will be injected or a catheter will be placed. The alliance positions B. Braun and Philips to meet the need for innovations that continually improve the safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of regional anesthesia procedures.

Xperius® – The first product by the alliance

The B. Braun and Philips Xperius Ultrasound System is the new point-of-care innovation by the two companies specially designed as the platform to support current and future integrated solutions in ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia.