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Peripheral Access Challenges and Solutions

You’re Invited to Two Learning Opportunities at the AVA 2017 Scientific Meeting

September 17-19, Phoenix, AZ

B. Braun is committed to the sharing of expertise among healthcare professionals. We are pleased to join Christie Medical Holdings, Inc. in offering two educational opportunities focusing on peripheral vascular access success.

Both events will be presented by Gregory J. Schears, M.D., Professor of Anesthesiology, Rochester, MN.

AVA Events

CE SYMPOSIUM AND BREAKFAST BUFFET: Reducing PIVC Complications & Guiding Clinicians: Technology & The 5 Ps

Monday, September 18 7-8:30 a.m.
Valley of the Sun Room ABC, Sheraton Grand Phoenix Hotel

Content Description: Has our failure to prospectively manage vascular access contributed to the epidemic of deep-vein-access patients? What steps can be taken to proactively help preserve peripheral veins? This session will review the current peripheral venous access challenges, discuss clinician options, propose best practice and review how technology can assist in helping to reduce complications and preserve venous flow for peripheral IV therapy patients.

Earn 1.0 CE at this educational opportunity.

SHOWCASE PRESENTATION: Going Long with Ultrasound-Guided PIVCs

Monday, September 18 5:15-6:15 p.m.
Room: North 121AB, Phoenix Convention Center

Content Description: In patients with limited superficial peripheral venous  options, the clinician is often forced to access deeper veins through ultrasound guidance. Typical peripheral IV catheters are often too short to provide enough intraluminal length, which may result in dislodgement, obstruction, or endothelial injury that could cause phlebitis and infiltration events. Longer catheter options are needed to help meet current clinical needs.

This presentation will review the importance of having “long enough” PIV catheters, demonstrate the consequences of coming up short, and suggest ways to ensure that the catheter is of adequate length.

No registration required.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to limited space, both the breakfast symposium and showcase presentation are only for clinicians.