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B. Braun to Introduce 1-Ounce Prontosan® Wound Gel X at SAWC

The Wound Gel Promotes a Favorable Healing Environment.

BETHLEHEM, PA – April 19, 2018 — B. Braun Medical Inc. will introduce a patient-friendly 1-ounce tube of Prontosan® Wound Gel X at the 2018 Symposium of Advanced Wound Care, which is being held April 26-28 in Charlotte, North Carolina.  

A viscous wound gel with both betaine and polyhexanide to resist microbial colonization within the dressing, Gel X softens necrotic tissue, facilitating autolytic debridement. Clear and virtually odorless, Gel X is designed to cleanse and moisten wound beds and is an effective microbial barrier. Betaine, a surfactant, promotes removal of dirt and debris, aids in the removal of wound coating, and helps prevent recontamination.1 The preservative polyhexanide inhibits the growth of micro-organisms.

Gel X is for use on diabetic foot, leg, and pressure ulcers, first and second-degree burns, partial and full thickness wounds, large surface area wounds, and surgical incisions. It is now available in 1-ounce and 250-milligram tubes.

“Gel X creates a gentle healing experience and a favorable wound healing environment,” said Mike Kelly, Director of Marketing for Infection Control Product at

B. Braun Medical. “It is compatible with many secondary dressings and helps eliminate needless dressing changes. The 1-ounce tube is convenient for at-home patient care and healing, and the smaller Gel X tube offers patients an economical size for personal care, as compared to the much larger 250-milligram tube that was designed for healthcare facilities.”

B. Braun’s ostomy product line, which includes base plates, pouches, and the Flexima® High Output System with Flow Collector, also will be showcased at SAWC at booth #746. The B. Braun Medical-sponsored initiative, myosto™, will be featured at the booth. Through the website myosto-mylife.com, ostomates, caregivers and clinicians can find educational information, support, and a link to request product samples.

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1 Bradbury S, Fletcher J. Prontosan Made Easy. Wounds Int. 2011; 2(2): 1-6.