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Actreen™ Intermittent Catheters & Sets

Young woman in wheelchair for B. Braun Urology Care

The Actreen intermittent catheters and sets are an easy and ready-to-use product designed for people with active lifestyles who require intermittent catheterization for urinary retention or voiding dysfunction. 

Simple & Discreet

Actreen Mini Female Intermittent Catheters & Sets


  • Designed to be easy to open
  • Pre-lubricated, hydrophilic catheter; no need for water activation
  • Pre-cut notch for hygienic no-touch access to the catheter
  • Eyelets designed for smooth insertion and effective draining
  • Low profile, lightweight, discreet design 
  • Designed for optimal waste management



Actreen Testimonial

Bea de Lavalette, 19, San Diego, CA

“My attitude had to change,” says Bea. “I faced death in Brussels. Now I am determined to live life to the fullest.”

As a paraplegic, Bea uses a female intermittent catheter, so B. Braun’s Actreen® Mini catheters are part of her new life.

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Authorized DME Suppliers Online Ordering Phone Ordering Fax Number
180 Medical, Inc.  https://www.180medical.com/ 1-877-688-2729 1-888-718-0633
Burmans Medical Supply http://www.burmansmedical.com/ 1-844-800-5777 1-844-800-5770
First Choice Medical Supply  https://www.fcms.com/ 1-800-809-4556 1-800-921-2334
Mark Drug Medical Supply https://www.markdrugmedicalsupply.com/ 1-800-479-6275 1-847-537-9430
PPS Healthcare http://ppshealthcare.com/ 1-877-400-1700  
Williams Medical Supply  www.williamsmedicalsupply.com  1-615-327-4931 1-615-321-5287
Wilmington Medical Supply https://www.wmsuro.com/ 1-866-708-2730 1-855-899-0215

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Actreen® Mini Hydrophilic Catheter 3.5 Inches

Actreen® Mini Set 3.5 Inches