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Actreen™ Intermittent Catheters & Sets

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Young woman in wheelchair for B. Braun Urology Care

The Actreen intermittent catheters and sets are an easy and ready-to-use product designed for people with active lifestyles who require intermittent catheterization for urinary retention or voiding dysfunction. 

Simple & Discreet

B. Braun Medical Inc.'s Actreen Mini Catheter and Set Image

Actreen Mini Female Intermittent Catheters & Sets


  • Designed to be easy to open
  • Pre-lubricated, hydrophilic catheter; no need for water activation
  • Pre-cut notch for hygienic no-touch access to the catheter
  • Eyelets designed for smooth insertion and effective draining
  • Low profile, lightweight, discreet design 
  • Designed for optimal waste management



Actreen Testimonial

Bea de la Vette, Ostomy patient and Actreen Mini Catheter customer, and her horse

Bea de Lavalette, 19, San Diego, CA

“My attitude had to change,” says Bea. “I faced death in Brussels. Now I am determined to live life to the fullest.”

As a paraplegic, Bea uses a female intermittent catheter, so B. Braun’s Actreen® Mini catheters are part of her new life.

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180 Medical, Inc.  https://www.180medical.com/ 1-877-688-2729 1-888-718-0633
Burmans Medical Supply http://www.burmansmedical.com/ 1-844-800-5777 1-844-800-5770
First Choice Medical Supply  https://www.fcms.com/ 1-800-809-4556 1-800-921-2334
Mark Drug Medical Supply https://www.markdrugmedicalsupply.com/ 1-800-479-6275 1-847-537-9430
PPS Healthcare http://ppshealthcare.com/ 1-877-400-1700  
Williams Medical Supply  www.williamsmedicalsupply.com  1-615-327-4931 1-615-321-5287
Wilmington Medical Supply https://www.wmsuro.com/ 1-866-708-2730 1-855-899-0215

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Actreen® Mini Hydrophilic Catheter 3.5 Inches

Actreen® Mini Set 3.5 Inches