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Proven amino acids, optimized for individual patient needs

B. Braun offers a wide selection of specialty and standard amino acids formulations, so you can confidently prescribe appropriate nutritional support for your patients. Standard Amino Acids are available in 10% (FreAmine® III) and 15% (Plenamine™) concentrations.

Specialty Amino Acids include:

TrophAmine®: (10% amino acid injection) Parenteral nutrition solution in a PVC and DEHP free container designed specifically for infants (including low birth weight) and young children; normalizes plasma amino acids to that of healthy breast-fed infant

ProcalAmine®: Ready-to-use, premixed parenteral nutrition solution containing one liter of 3% amino acids and 3% glycerol as energy source and maintenance electrolytes; advanced IV therapy for peripheral parenteral nutrition for adults in mildly catabolic patients

HepatAmine®: (8% amino acids injection) Parenteral nutrition solution specifically approved for therapeutic and nutrition support in liver disease patients

Our complete line of specialty and standard parenteral nutrition products solutions are listed below.

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