Design Options® Pain Management Tray Program

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B. Braun Design Options Trays offer many advantages


  • Offers the same high quality procedural components found in our standard trays.
  • Adheres to strict performance, manufacturing, and process requirements.
  • Atmosphere of “continuous improvement” promotes interaction across the organization and with our customers, ensuring that we continue to provide the same high level of service and quality products you expect from B. Braun.


  • Optimizes clinical processes and allows you to work more comfortably and efficiently.
  • Assists with standardizing inventory, avoiding the cost and complications associated with stocking multiple products.
  • Controls costs and reduces waste by containing only the components you select and providing recyclable packaging materials.


  • Our Design Options Trays piggyback program offers over 400 existing tray configurations which are competitively priced and in many cases, ready for purchase immediately.
  • B. Braun’s Design Options trays complement our full-line of standard products and are recognized by many GPOs which helps ensure compliance.
  • As the worldwide leader in Regional Anesthesia products and with a mature and successful Design Options® Pain Management Trays program, we continue to provide unparalleled service and overall value to our customers.

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