Diapact® CRRT system

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The Diapact® CRRT system, an integrated approach for high-flow continuous or intermittent renal replacement and plasma therapies

Versatile renal therapies- ready when you need them. The simple, multifunctional operating interface helps minimize the demand on personnel while permitting the user the highest quality and widest range of treatments.

The Diapact® CRRT system can be used to perform:
• Continuous therapies —SCUF, CVVH, CVVHD, CVVHFD
• Intermittent therapies — HF, HD,HFD
• Plasma therapies — PEX and PAP

The mobility and immediate operational readiness of the Diapact CRRT system allows this system to be available at a moment’s notice. All it needs is a power supply, which makes it ideal for flexible use in intensive care and dialysis units.

It’s multifunctional design includes:
• Integrated plate warmer for the correct temperature of all solutions
• Single weighing system for precise fluid management

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