AQUAboss® Single and Double Stage RO Systems

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For more than 25 years, the AQUAboss® product lines have been designed to combine the highest water-quality outcomes with efficient solutions. AQUAboss® technology reduces dialysis water and energy consumption during daily operation, as well as over the complete system lifetime.

AQUAboss® displays redundancy in reverse osmosis technology and offers high efficiency of operation outcomes.

AQUAboss® controls water consumption by precise volume management, and is designed to enable water-recovery rates of up to 85% [1].

Available as a single or double-stage configuration with output ranges from 700 l/h to 3,600 l/h, all systems are equipped with an impulse backwashing feature (Eco) as an option.

Every configuration in the AQUAboss® EcoRO Dia I/II series is available as a completely heat-disinfectable version (HT).

Configurations in the AQUAboss® series are available in various output ranges to fulfill individual customer requirements. The devices are compliant with ISO standards.

Key Features:
• Continuous Impulse Backwashing of membranes – Eco mode
• Innovative heat system disinfection procedures – Hot Rinse Smart
• High-quality, durable stainless-steel construction
• Dead-space-free system design, including dead-space-free Membrane modules
• Full redundancy of double-stage devices
• Size can be upgraded in the field to support growing clinics

[1]. Data on file

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