Actreen® Hi-Lite Coudé Set

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Ready to Use Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter Set

B. Braun’s Actreen Hi-Lite products are intended for intermittent urinary self-catheterization. They are designed for independence, privacy, and discretion. The unique no drying hydrophilic formula1, easy to open packaging, and ergonomic hub design facilitates independence for users with limited dexterity.

The packaging is designed especially for easy and adaptive opening with pre-cut notches and pre-slit finger holes for limited dexterity. Multiple tear-offs provide two opening options allowing users to choose between the accordion and movable sheath for no touch handling. The catheter’s “no touch” design helps prevent contact with the catheter and reduces the potential for external contamination.

Designed to be:

  • Ready to use: pre-lubricated with hydrophilic lubricant
  • Ergonomic hub designed for easier grip
  • No mess, no splash: optimal amount of lubricant
  • Easy to open with multiple opening tear-offs and finger holes for full and limited dexterity
  • 2 no-touch options to avoid contamination during catheterization
  • Compact all-in-one closed system: catheter and collection bag sealed together and folded into a discreet compact size*
  • Anti-reflux valve in collection bag to avoid leakages during and after catheterization
  • Graduated 1,000 mL collection bag with tear off corner for ease of emptying
  • 14.5 in. long
  • Straight and Coudé catheter set available in FR 10-18
  • Not made with PVC, DEHP, or natural rubber late

All in one catheter and set with lightweight, low profile packaging that can be folded and stored in a discreet pouch provided in each box to carry your daily quantity of catheters.*

Actreen® Hi-Lite Intermittent Urinary Catheters are indicated for intermittent urinary catheterization by adult and pediatric patients with chronic urine retention or voiding dysfunction.

* 18 FR cannot be folded

1. Test Report 7.5.AC.059.2

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