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Female Intermittent mini closed set

The catheter is coated with the hydrophilic lubricant, which is designed for smooth and gentle insertion.

The package with pre-cut notches and pre-slit finger holes was designed especially for those with limited dexterity for easy opening. Multiple tear-offs create a “no touch” system, which is designed to prevent contact with the catheter, and reduces the potential for external contamination.

B. Braun’s Actreen products are designed for privacy and discretion when intermittent self-catheterization is needed. They’re easy to use for any stage of life or physician condition.


  • Designed to be easy to open
  • Pre-lubricated, hydrophilic coated catheter; no need for water
  • Pre-cut notch designed of hygienic no-touch access to the catheter
  • Eyelets designed for smooth insertion and effective draining
  • Low profile design:
    • Discreet in pocket or handbag
    • Lightweight, easy to carry
  • Optimal waste management
  • Not made with PVC, DEHP, or natural rubber latex
  • 3.5 inches/9cm long (connector length not included)
  • Available in 10, 12, 14 Fr
  • Anti-reflux valve inside bag to avoid leakages during and after catherization
  • Tear-off design facilitates bag emptying
  • Graduated collection bag (up to 700 mL) for easy reading

Small and lightweight
3.5-inch catheter length

With its low profile, the Actreen Mini Set is designed to fit discreetly in your pocket or handbag.
Each box contains a discreet pouch to carry your daily quantity of sets.

Intermittent female urinary catheterization

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