Nexus TKO® Anti-Reflux Needleless Connector

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The Nexus TKO® (To Keep Open) Anti-Reflux technology is designed to deliver I.V. Catheter Patency 24/7!™

Nexus TKO®-6P is fighting Infection every second, of every minute, of every hour, every day 24/7. Our patented Tri-Seal™ design provides proven Microbial Barrier Protection 24/7!™ against bacteria transfer and colonization. Nexus TKO® is a performance driven solution designed to reduce occlusions and the high cost of tPA, Heparin and catheter replacements.
• Nexus TKO provides Blood Reflux Protection 24/7!™
• Blood Reflux is a known contributor to CRBSI’s.1,2,3,4
• Power injectable to 325 psi or 10 mL per second5
• Proven to reduce central line occlusions by up to 85%6
• Substantially reduces the cost of tPA (Cathflo®) and Heparin6
• Diminishes the need for expensive drugs to declot PICC/CVC catheter6

Additional information

TKO® , I.V. Catheter Patency 24/7!™, Blood Reflux Protection 24/7!™ , Microbial Barrier Protection 24/7!™, Tri-Seal™ are trademarks of Nexus Medical LLC

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