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Ultrasound guidance system for peripheral nerve blocks

Onvision is an Ultrasound based Needle Tip Tracking Technology for Peripheral Nerve Blocks that works exclusively with Xperius® Ultrasound System and the dedicated Stimuplex Onvision needle. 

In real-time, Onvision accurately indicates where the needle tip is inside the body, in or out of plane. It allows Anesthesiologists to align the needle with the probe in a user-friendly manner.

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Ultrasound based technology is designed to improve accuracy

  • Onvision works up to 10 cm1
  • Onvision is shielded against electromagnetic interferences (EMI)4
  • Onvision is accurate even when the needle bends3

Needle guidance to the point

Our ambition is to make Peripheral Nerve Blocks (PNBs) more straightforward for healthcare workers and safer for patients. The needle tip position is indicated by circles that are displayed on the ultrasound image. The circles appear automatically when the needle tip sensor enters the imaging plane.

Onvision helps to see the needle tip and to master the needle beam alignment. With Onvision, users experience a real time guidance which gives them confidence in block success when performing both in and out-of-plane blocks.2


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ACCURATE1 - Know where you are in real-time

  • Tip visualization of superficial and deep blocks
  • Ultrasound-based detection and accuracy
  • New needle tip tracking technology is designed to help reduce complications when performing PNBs
  • Designed to prevent unintended overshooting

PREDICTABLE2 - Helping make First-Time-Right the new standard

  • Onvision can lead to a reduction in overall procedure time
  • Enables you to see the tip position during the full trajectory to avoid vulnerable structures
  • Plug and play application fits in seamlessly into current workflow
  • Accurate even when the needle bends3

CONFIDENT2 - 3.0mm tip position accuracy during needle advancement1

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Can decrease procedural time2
  • Real time guidance to integrate PNB into your daily practice


Watch the demonstration to learn more:

Demo Video

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    Onvision® Needle Tip Tracking Demonstration Video

Ultrasound based Technology for needle guidance

The dedicated Stimuplex Onvision Needle with embedded tip sensor allows the exact detection of the tip location and display this information in real time on the live Xperius Ultrasound image.  Needle tip tracking can be used for 2D Mode with the Nerve 0‑4 cm and the Nerve 4‑6 cm preset on the L12-4 transducer and Nerve 6+ cm presets on the C5-2 transducer.

Technical working principle

The Onvision system detects the exact location of the Stimuplex Onvision tip sensor using the three dimensional space of the Ultrasound beam. The technology combines ultrasound image data from the ultrasound system with signals from the needle to accurately locate the position of the sensor on the Onvision Needle. This projects the position of the sensor by overlaying a circle over it on the ultrasound image in real time.