Prontosan® Wound Gel X

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Highly viscous gel for acute, chronic and burn wounds

  • Available in 250 g tube and 1 oz tube.  HCPCS A6248
  • Tube can be used up to 8 weeks after opening
  • Can be used independently or after cleansing acute or chronic wounds with Prontosan Irrigation Solution as recommended in the Wound Bed Pathway


  • An effective microbial barrier
  • Resists microbial colonization within the dressing
  • Reduces microbial penetration through the dressing
  • Softens necrotic tissue facilitating autolytic debridement
  • For the management of ulcers (including diabetic foot and leg ulcers and pressure ulcers), first and second degree burns, partial and full thickness wounds, large surface area wounds, and surgical incisions.

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