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The balance between elimination and retention

The focus in convective therapies has been the efficient elimination of uremic toxins. Especially the subgroup of middle molecules is a point of medical and scientific discussion. However, attention should also be drawn to various substances which are to be retained e.g. proteins such as serum albumin. The amembris membrane of xevonta® consists of uniform pore distribution. This enables a high separation limit between the substances to be eliminated and those to be retained, and thereby ensuring good albumin retention in spite of a high sieving coefficient for β2-microglobulin.

Sieving profile
By precisely defining pore diameters and maximizing the number of pores, xevonta® has created a distinctive sieving profile of the amembris membrane, ensuring a high performing clearance spectrum.

Optimal ratio β2m vs. albumin
The selectivity characteristic of the amembris membrane produces high performing results for the elimination of β2-microglobulin and concomitantly offers a high retention of albumin.

The shape of the sieving coefficient curve is the result of the defined pore diameters as evidenced by the high selectivity of amembris. The high diffusive elimination combined with the selective convective elimination of middle molecules, particularly low molecular proteins, demonstrates the effective performance of xevonta®.

x design
The x-shaped design of xevonta®, with its bundle head expansion and appropriate packing density, provides the consistent homogeneous distribution of dialysis fluid in the dialyzer. Each individual fiber is encapsulated with dialysate thus contributing to the effective clearance performance of xevonta®.

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