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Not Made with PVC/ DEHP

B. Braun continues to lead the way in offering the only full line of IV solution products that are manufactured using non-toxic plastic materials – a true testament to B. Braun’s ecological awareness and patient-centric philosophy. Plasticizers are organic compounds added to polymers to increase the flexibility and toughness of the finished product.

Di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) is a plasticizer in the phthalate family that is commonly added to polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as a softener. Many industrial and consumer products contain phthalates, and humans can potentially be exposed to high amounts of the chemical.1

IV containers made with PVC and DEHP can have negative effects on IV medication delivery and can compromise the patient receiving the correct amount of IV medication. This is due to two phenomenon:  adsorption and leaching.

More than four decades ago, B. Braun recognized the environmental and patient risks posed by products containing PVC and DEHP. As a result, B. Braun was the first IV fluids manufacturer to remove these toxic substances from many products, and remains the only supplier that offers a full-line of IV solution containers that are not made with PVC or DEHP. 

In the past five years, B. Braun has spent more than $500 million in developing innovative ways to offer products not made with PVC and DEHP. B. Braun actively supports policies calling for the industry-wide reduction of these chemicals and natural rubber latex in medical devices to raise awareness and encourage change. 

 “We’re focused on supplying a marketplace with an increasing demand for safe products,” said Rick Williamson, Vice President of Pharmaceutical and Drug Delivery Marketing at B. Braun. “We’re here for the long haul and making the investments to ensure that the healthcare industry is well served with quality medical supplies so clinicians can provide healing environments for their patients.” 

 “B. Braun is committed to finding alternative methods to manufacture safer products, such as our TITAN™ XL irrigation bags and E3® IV containers,” Williamson said. Learn more about B.Braun’s commitment.


1 United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Existing Chemicals: Phthalates.