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PVC and DEHP in Medical Products

DEHP is one of the eight chemicals that are included in the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Phthalates Action Plan.1 The EPA has concerns regarding phthalates’ toxicity and the evidence of pervasive human and environmental exposure to it.1 A number of studies have revealed a link between phthalate exposure and human health. However, no causal connection has been established. Much scientific attention is currently focused on the cumulative effect that several phthalates can have on the reproductive system.1

PVC and its toxic breakdown product, DEHP, can be found throughout the hospital when patients are exposed to:

  • Cardiopulmonary bypass
  • Enteral and parenteral feeding bags
  • Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation
  • Hemodialysis
  • Infusion administration sets
  • IV and blood bags
  • Peritoneal dialysis bags and tubing
By choosing products that are not made with PVC and DEHP, you can help eliminate potential toxins and other safety hazards that could affect your staff, your patients and the environment.

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Discover how much PVC and DEHP you can eliminate from landfill waste when you convert to B. Braun’s infusion therapy products not made with PVC or DEHP.

Awareness in Healthcare

More than four decades ago, B. Braun recognized the environmental and patient risks posed by products containing PVC and DEHP. Medical devices containing these chemicals pose potential health hazards to people during medical care and to the environment during waste disposal. As a result, B. Braun was the first medical device manufacturer to remove these harmful substances from many of its products, eliminating PVC and DEHP from IV solution containers and IV sets.

In the past five years, B. Braun has spent $500 million in developing innovative ways to offer PVC and DEHP-free product lines. Additionally, we actively support policies calling for the industry-wide reduction of these chemicals in medical devices in an effort to raise awareness and encourage change. Today, we remain the industry leader in processes, products, and green manufacturing.

B. Braun continues to lead the way in offering the only full line of IV solutions in containers that are manufactured biologically inert using non-toxic plasticizers. 
Learn more about some of B. Braun’s infusion therapy products that are not made with PVC or DEHP. 

1 United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Existing Chemicals: Phthalates.