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Up to 70% of admitted patients require peripheral intravenous catheters, yet PIVC failures range between 33% and 69% and more than 50% of adults describe insertion as moderately painful or worse.1

That’s why Christie Medical Holdings Inc. (Christie Medical) and B. Braun Medical Inc. (B. Braun) have renewed their partnership to improve peripheral IV access success.

The partnership is focused on the use of Christie Medical’s VeinViewer® system to improve the placement of peripheral IV catheters. VeinViewer is designed to reduce the time needed for IV insertion and improve first stick success, ultimately improving the patient experience.

“We are committed to the continued growth of VeinViewer as a standard of care and are excited to partner with B. Braun as our authorized distributor for Hospital Care in the USA,” said Paul Damiani, President of Christie Medical.

“Collaborating with Christie Medical on VeinViewer is a perfect way to enhance our infusion therapy product line,” said Brian Maser, Vice President of Hospital Care Sales at B. Braun. “Our hospital customers are seeking solutions to reduce errors and improve the patient experience. This technology delivers on those goals by helping clinicians consistently select the best vein for placing an IV catheter.”

“VeinViewer is all about helping clinicians become more confident with IV placements and better adept at choosing the right venous site,” added Cheryl Wozniak, Product Director for Vascular Access Marketing at B. Braun. “It can make the experience of having three or four attempts a thing of the past.”

For additional information about VeinViewer or to request a demonstration, complete a Request Form or call 1-800-227-2862 to contact a B. Braun representative.


1 Cooke, M., et al, Not “just” an IV line: Consumer perspective on PIVC, PLoS ONE 13(2), 2018