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Pain Management in Orthopedics

In order to effectively manage pain while reducing opioid consumption and its associated side effects, multimodal pain management strategies have become an important part of the perioperative care process of patients undergoing orthopedic surgery.

Treatment Options

The best suited anesthesia and/or analgesia method depends on individual patient selection; and their specific diagnosis, condition, preference and targeted treatment approach. Operations on upper and lower extremities are most likely suited for regional anesthesia techniques such as neuraxial methods and/or peripheral nerve blocks for knee, hip and shoulder surgeries or arthroscopies.   

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Ultrasound-Guided Interscalene Catheter Block

B. Braun presents a 360-degree virtual reality video of the procedure being performed by Brandon Winchester, M.D.


The preparation depends on the anesthesia and or analgesia method chosen; and typically medication, the respective medical devices and equipment (i.e. ultrasound machine, nerve stimulator and injections pressure monitor) required have to be selected.  Specific procedural kits containing all products needed are viable options for a safer and more efficient organization of this process. Many other B. Braun products contribute to this process as well.

Correct patient positioning, a prerequisite for  a successful placement of neuraxial and peripheral nerve block needles and catheters, completes the procedural preparation.

Treatment Plan

Neuraxial and peripheral nerve block methods require the injection of the local anesthetic into the correctly positioned needle or catheter, either via a single shot, intermittent bolus or a continuous infusion technique.

For the most effective application of anesthetic and analgesic drugs, it is crucial to find the correct point and route into the patient's body:

  • Ultrasound guided placement of single shot and continuous peripheral nerve block catheters
  • Triple monitoring techniques of the ultrasound, nerve stimulation and injection pressure for peripheral nerve blocks
  • Flashback technologies for spinal needles and IV catheters


For early postoperative mobilization, which decisively impacts of patients outcome and discharge from the hospital, there is an effective way to continue the postoperative management of pain - through the application of continuous peripheral nerve block catheters.