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Robust Drug Supply

As the leader in Regional Anesthesia,1 we have made continuous capital investments to help ensure a stable drug supply and reduce the risk of tray backorders associated with market drug shortages. With patient care as our top priority, we are committed to providing you and your patients with an uninterrupted supply of our trays.

Key Points:

  • Alternate drug supply available
  • Increased drug inventories
  • Optimized manufacturing efficiencies

Visibility Without Compromise

Our Stimuplex® Ultra 360® Needle is the preferred choice in a comparison study.2 It’s one of many examples showing our commitment to the best combination of needle-feel and ultrasound visibility.

Key Points: 

  • Better Echogenicity - New X-pattern and clear coating results in better ultrasound visualization and tip identification3
  • 360° Visibility - 360° markings designed for ultrasound visibility from all sides
  • Higher scores for tactile qualities2
  • Available as echogenic stimulating and non-stimulating peripheral nerve block needle

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Broadest Portfolio 

With over 600 epidural, spinal, and peripheral nerve block products available, we’re focused on providing the broadest portfolio to not only meet patient needs, but to exceed them. 

Key Points: 

  • Single needles and catheters
  • Sets
  • Trays
  • Accessories

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Why Regional Anesthesia

Adequate pain management is crucial for medical and surgical procedures during the peri-operative phase. In order to effectively manage pain - while reducing opioid consumption, including their associated side effects - multimodal pain management strategies have become an important part of the peri-operative care process. Limiting general anesthesia and narcotic use, in favor of combinations of regional and local methods, such as Neuraxial anesthesia (spinal / epidural approach) and regional nerve blocks (single shot or continuous infusion), is key.

Understanding this importance and as the worldwide market leader in Regional Anesthesia,1
B. Braun Medical advocates and educates for the appropriate use of Regional Anesthesia and acute Pain Management to help manage the cost and complexity of healthcare delivery through improved patient and facility outcomes.

1 2019Q2 All Regional Anesthesia Products – Total Market HC & OPM Dollars (GHX, IQVIA [MDSA] & B.Braun Actual Data)
2 Cooper, D, van Geffen, GJ, Bruaset, I, et. al. Regional Block Needles–A Matter of Feel and Brightness. Presented at the 35th ESRA in Maastricht, Netherlands, September 2016.
3 Internal testing: ETRs JMLY-8ADPR2, NPAK-9VRK2K