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Product Donation Request Form

Donating our products to support underserved patient care and humanitarian needs

Close-up of the Introcan Safety 3 Catheter being inserted by a gloved hand into an arm.

We are proud to play a leadership role in advancing health equity, and believe all patients should have access to our products when medically necessary.

Our focus

We focus our Product Donations on voluntary medical care delivered to underserved patient populations and for humanitarian need where no reimbursement from government or commercial entities is requested by the organization or treating healthcare provider.

Important Note: B. Braun will not ship donated product across country borders and may not be named as the exporter of record for shipments to international destinations.   

If your program falls within our areas of focus as described above, we invite you to request a Product Donation from B. Braun. For any questions, or if you encounter any problems, please send us an email at

Product Donation Request Form

Product shipping information (may not be to a personal address) if different from organization information provided above:

The following supporting documentation must be attached and submitted with the Product Donation Form:


1. Non-profit designation letter *

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2. IRS form W9 *

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3. Statement of charitable mission *

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4. If requesting products a complete list of the products requested using product name (or SKU) and quantity of each. This information can be found on B. Braun’s website. *

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By submitting this request, I acknowledge the B. Braun will require a signed agreement in the event my request is approved and before providing the approved support. 


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