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Vascular Access

Leading the way in IV care and safety

At B. Braun, we’ve long been a leader in providing safe and effective vascular access products and solutions to hospitals and health systems around the world—offering a complete IV Therapy portfolio that’s designed to improve safety for patients and providers.

Gloved hand is inserting an IV, using the VeinViewer Vein Visualization Device to see the patient's veins.
Close-up of the Introcan Safety 2 IV Catheter showcasing passive safetey technology as one gloved finger holds it in place and another gloved hand inserts it into an arm.
Patient in a hospital bed has the Clik-FIX Peripheral Catheter Securement Device on his arm as he fistbumps a healthcare provider.

Hands-on training opportunities

B. Braun provides a defined training process so customers have the opportunity to learn hands-on during implementation by clinical experts. Multiple learning platform options, from virtual to hands-on, allow customers flexibility, depending on their training needs.

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