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Health Equity

Health equity is part of our mission

At B. Braun, we feel social circumstances should not determine whether someone has access to reliable healthcare. We believe in health equity for all and are working in our communities to help people gain access to high-quality care. Whether it’s developing technologies to address the characteristics and needs of each patient or partnering with leading healthcare organizations to advocate for improved standards of care, B. Braun strives to increase understanding about health inequities that have prevented many from achieving their full potential.

Angela Karpf headshot.

“Healthcare disparities have persisted in our society for far too long. As a healthcare company, it is our responsibility to promote quality care for all, regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status or other difference.”

Angela Karpf, MD, Corporate Vice President, Medical Affairs | B. Braun Medical Inc.
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Scott Blair headshot.

“Disparities in healthcare occur in different ways and are deeply rooted in our culture. That is why B. Braun’s health equity strategy includes efforts to increase understanding of the cultural differences that can contribute to these disparities.”

Scott Blair, Senior Director, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion | B. Braun Medical Inc.

Case Study: B. Braun's strategic approach to driving health equity in life sciences

Explore the Advisory Board case study for an in-depth look at B. Braun's impactful health equity strategy and insights. 

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