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Products designed to improve safety

Helping you improve safety for patients and providers

We aim to create products that enhance the safety of patients and providers—all while helping to make workflows more efficient. Products such as our Introcan Safety® IV Catheters, OnGuard® 2 Closed System Transfer Device (CSTD) and NRFit™ Connectors are three testaments to our commitment to patient and healthcare worker safety.

A young patient laying in a hospital bed smiling up at his father standing next to him.
Two hands wearing white gloves holding NRFit Connectors with a hospital setting in the background.

1Levin G, Sessink PJ. Validation of chemotherapy drug vapor containment of an air cleaning closed-system drug transfer device. J. Oncol. Pharm. Pract. 2022;28(7):1508-1515. https://foi.oth/10.1177/10781552211030682.