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Our Organization

B. Braun Medical Inc. is comprised of four divisions: Hospital Care, Outpatient Markets, Renal Therapies, and Original Equipment Manufacturing. It is a full line supplier of IV therapy products, including IV solutions, drug delivery systems, vascular access devices (standard and needle-free IV systems and IV safety catheters), and infusion pumps. The company also manufactures, markets, distributes and supports a comprehensive medical product line that includes advanced products for pharmacy, clinical nutrition, anesthesia/pain control, hemodialysis, and renal replacement therapy.

Our Leadership

Executive Management Team

The key to our success at B. Braun Medical Inc. is highly qualified, responsible employees who contribute to our commitment of Sharing Expertise®, and our leadership team who provide insight, inspiration and guidance.


Rob Albert

Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer

James Allen

Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Mike Blastick

President, Aesculap, Inc.

Wes Cetnarowski, M.D.

Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer

Joe Grispo

Senior Vice President and Chief Sales Officer

Leigh Ann Stradford

Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer

Jim West

Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Pat Witmer

Corporate Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Communications

Our Primary Locations

Headquartered in Bethlehem, PA, B. Braun Medical Inc.'s primary manufacturing facilities are located in: Allentown, PA; Irvine, CA; Carrollton, TX; Daytona Beach, FL; and Dominican Republic.

Worldwide Presence

B. Braun Medical Inc. is part of a global organization that is ranked as the 13th largest medical device manufacturer in the world. 1

Our far-reaching family of companies employs more than 64,000 people, and includes manufacturing, marketing, and sales operations in 64 countries throughout Asia, Europe, North America, the Pacific Rim and South America. 

1. Medical Product Outsourcing 2020

North America B. Braun Group of Companies

Besides B. Braun Medical, the following companies make up the North America B. Braun Group of Companies.
Treatment Haemodialysis

B. Braun Canada, Ltd.

B. Braun of Canada, Ltd. a leader in infusion therapy and pain management, develops, manufactures and markets innovative medical products and services to the healthcare industry. The Company is committed to eliminating preventable treatment errors and enhancing patient, clinician and environmental safety.

B. Braun Interventional Systems (BIS)

B. Braun Interventional Systems offers new state of the art medical technology designed with the patient in mind. Many of these products have been developed in response to the specific needs of physicians, technicians and nurses. With their input, we have discovered new ways to add safety, precision and convenience to interventional procedures.

CAPS homepage w. goggles

Central Admixture Pharmacy Services, Inc. (CAPS)

Central Admixture Pharmacy Services, Inc. (CAPS) is the nation's largest network of outsourcing admixture pharmacies. A pioneer in the outsourcing of compounded sterile preparations founded in 1991, CAPS delivers high-quality admixture services and solutions to hospitals and outpatient facilities across the nation.

Aesculap, Inc.

Aesculap Inc., a B. Braun company, is part of a 180-year-old global organization focused on meeting the needs of an ever-changing healthcare community. Through close collaboration with its customers, Aesculap provides advanced technologies for general surgery, neurosurgery and closure technologies. Aesculap continues a proud heritage of leadership and responsiveness as we strive to deliver products and services that improve the quality of patients’ lives. 

Aesculap Implant Systems, LLC. 

Aesculap Implant Systems, LLC, part of the B. Braun group of companies, is part of a 180-year-old global organization focused on meeting the needs of the changing healthcare environment. Through close collaboration with its customers, Aesculap Implant Systems develops advanced spine and orthopedic implant technologies to treat complex disorders of the spine, hip, and knee. Aesculap Implant Systems strives to deliver products and services that improve the quality of patients’ lives.

Aesculap Biologics, LLC. 

Aesculap Biologics, LLC, was established in January 2012 as a division of Aesculap, Inc. and is focused on biological approaches to the repair and regeneration of diseased or damaged tissues. Using a combination of cells, growth factors and smart biomaterial devices, Aesculap Biologics products can stimulate and support the synthesis of new tissue and enhance the body’s own regenerative power to improve the quality of patients lives.