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Training Class Itineraries

The Dialog+® V9 Level 1 Training Class will be a combination of virtual and hands-on courses. The virtual courses will be both instructor taught and self-taught. The hands-on section will be taught in B. Braun Medical Inc. headquarters at 824 12th Avenue Bethlehem, PA. The class provides technicians with the understanding of the hydraulic flow path, electronic controls, tests, calibrations, and the preventative maintenance of the Dialog+® Hemodialysis System.

Self-Instructed E-learnings

  • E-Learning Module 1: ESD and Electrical Safety
  • E-Learning Module 2: Everyday Dialysis
  • E-Learning Module 3: Features and Options
  • E-Learning Module 4: Infection Prevention and Measures
  • E-Learning Module 5: Documentation and Reporting

Trainer Instructed E-learnings

Day 1

  • Session 1: Introduction and Welcome, E-learning Questions, Service Portal, LMS, JIRA, Service Manual Review
  • Session 2: Basic Hydraulics Part 1 – Water Sub-Rack/Bicart Option

Day 2

  • Session 1: Basic Hydraulics Part 2 – DF Sub-Rack
  • Session 2: Basic Hydraulics Part 3 – UF Sub-Rack

Day 3

  • Session 1: Basic Hydraulics Part 4 – DF Filter/Rinse Bridge
  • Session 2: Basic Electronics, Service Manual, TSM Mode

Day 4

  • Session 1: Calibration, Software Update
  • Session 2: TSI, PM, FSU, Trend Files, Exchange Components

Hands-on Training

Day 1

     ◾  Introductions, Travel Arrangements
     ◾  Quick Refresher on Flow Diagram
     ◾  Detailed Discussion of TSM Mode
            ●  Changing Time and Date
            ●  Save and Download Calibration Info
            ●  Production Reports
            ●  Trends and Groups
            ●  TL Test and Calibrations
            ●  LL Tests and Calibrations
                ○  Test 1.1
                ○  Test 1.2
                ○  Test 1.4
                ○  Test 1.5
                ○  Test 1.6: PA and PV Calibration
                ○  Test 1.7
                ○  Test 1.8
                ○  Test 1.9
                ○  Test 1.10: TSE Testing
                ○  Test 1.11: Dialysate Temperature Calibrations

Day 2

     ◾  Continue Detailed Discussion of TSM Mode
            ●  LL Tests and Calibrations
                ○  Test 1.12: Dialysate Conductivity Calibration
                ○  Test 1.13
                ○  Test 1.14
                ○  Test 1.15
                ○  Test 1.16: PDA and PE Calibrations
                ○  Test 1.17
                ○  Test 1.18: Blood Leak Calibration
                ○  Test 1.20: Throttle Calibration
                ○  Test 1.21
                ○  Test 1.23
                ○  Test 1.27
                ○  Test 1.29: Electrical Safety
     ◾  PM Procedures
     ◾  Run a Simulated Therapy
     ◾  Software Loading

The Dialog+® V9 Level 2 workshop provides technicians with a detailed understanding of troubleshooting the hydraulic flow path and using the electronic controls available in the technical services operations mode for the Dialog+® Hemodialysis System. Technician must have 6 months of Dialog experience and have completed the Dialog level 1 class to be eligible for this course.

  • Flow Diagram (Hydraulics)
  • Block Diagram (Electronics) Part Identification
  • Software Levels Installation
  • Review Customer 12 Month Parts Orders (Past Part Orders are Reviewed Individually)
  • Troubleshooting Preparation Alarms, Treatment Alarms, and Disinfection Alarms
  • Troubleshooting Technical Service Operations Mode (TSM) LLC Manual Test

PM Review

This course will be taught in B. Braun Medical Inc. headquarters at 824 12th Avenue Bethlehem, PA 18017. The Aquaboss® Training Class provides technicians with an understanding of the hydraulic flow path, electronic controls, and system error messages of the Aquaboss® Water Treatment System. 

Day 1

  • Flow Diagram Modules and Part Identification: Single Stage vs. Double Stage
  • Program Functions, Dialysis Operation, Standby Operation, and Emergency Operation    

Day 2

  • Cleaning and Disinfection Functions
  • Alarms and Errors
  • Replacing Major Components
  • Hot Rinse Smart

Day 3

  • Technical Support
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Balancing the System
For Dialog 8 class information, please call customer service at 800-848-2066. 

Registration Form

Please schedule classes after machines are installed.
If account number is unknown, please call customer service at 800-848-2066.

The protection of the personal data of our customers is very important to us and we take it very seriously. Your personal data is subject to data protection and will only be collected and stored for approach reasons. Under no circumstances will we pass on your personal data to third parties outside of the B. Braun Group or use or store them for any purposes.

Our staff has been trained to handle personal data and is obliged to comply with the data protection regulations. 

 I have read the data protection privacy policy and agree with processing of my personal data according to the data protection policy. I can cancel this approval at any time.

You will receive a confirmation email of the class you will be scheduled to attend. Please wait to book your flight until you receive your confirmation. Hotel accommodations will be made for you. Lodging details will be included in the confirmation email.

Training Details

Hotel & Transportation Accommodations


Staybridge Suites Address located at 1787A Airport Road, Allentown, PA Phone: (610) 443-5000


  • Ground transportation to and from the B. Braun facility and the hotel
  • The hotel offers a shuttle service to and from the Lehigh Valley airport.
  • A courtesy phone is located on the lower level, package claim area at the Lehigh Valley International Airport

Meal Information & Dress Code

Meal Details

  • Lunch: will be provided daily during the class training
  • Participants are responsible for their own breakfast and dinner
  • Staybridge Suites offers a complimentary, hot breakfast buffet daily as well as an evening reception with light appetizers Monday-Wednesday.

Dress Requirements

  • Business casual clothing is required (jeans, t-shirts, shorts, and sandals are not acceptable).
  • An ID badge will be provided upon your arrival and is required to be worn during all class hours