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Our clinical dialysis team has years of dialysis experience and is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. With the goal of providing expertise that meets our customers' clinical needs, our clinical team promotes training support, effective product utilization, and best practices to optimize patient outcomes.



Our clinical team offers complimentary webinar classes all year long. The classes are ideal for introduction courses and equipment refreshers for your staff.

Class Breakdown

  • A basic introduction to the Adimea™ KT/V monitoring system on the Dialog+® Evolution machine
  • How to interpret patient Adimea™ curves
  • How to distinguish artifact from recirculation and other abnormalities
  • Ideal for new users without previous dialysis experience
  • Basic review of End Stage Renal Disease and treatment options
  • Basic understanding of hemodialysis components
  • Ideal for new users without previous water treatment system experience
  • A basic introduction to water treatment systems
  • Understanding the concept of "Ultrapure" dialysate.
  • Understanding of the importance of water quality in hemodialysis
  • The webinar version of our on-site inservice is ideal for the new user or as a refresher course
  • Understanding the icons and individual components of Dialog+®
  • Introduction to dialysate temperature profiling and heparin profiling
  • Understanding the concept of UF profiling and how to perform sequential only therapies
  • Indications for use of when to profile therapy parameters
  • Review the most common alarms and operating conditions
  • Troubleshooting techniques for frequent alarms and operating conditions

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