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Knowledgeable Support Staff and Experienced Dialysis Nurses

Our knowledgeable support staff and experienced dialysis nurses are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction.  With the goal of providing expertise that meets our customers' clinical needs, our clinical staff promotes effective product utilization and best practices to optimize patient outcomes.

Customer Support:  800-848-2066

Clinical Training

B. Braun's Dialog+® HD Machine Set Up and Prime

How to set up and prime the B. Braun  Dialog+® HD Machine in preparation mode. 

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Clinical Documents

Description Document Link
Adimea User Guide
pdf (1.5 MB)
Changing a Diacap Ultra Dialysate Filter
pdf (192.2 KB)
Citric Acid Solution 50% MSDS
pdf (70.4 KB)
Clotted Dialyzer QRG- Option 1
pdf (38.6 KB)
Clotted Dialyzer QRG- Option 2
pdf (36.7 KB)
Dialog Plus Icons
pdf (618.9 KB)
Dialog: Training Review Quiz Answers
pdf (122.2 KB)
Dialog: Training Review Quiz
pdf (123.8 KB)
Dialog + IFU SW 9.1x
pdf (13.2 MB)
Loading the Heparin Syringe
pdf (857.2 KB)
Patient Card Reader Dialog+
pdf (293.7 KB)
Renal Therapies Product Guide
pdf (349.2 KB)
Solcart B MSDS
pdf (41.1 KB)
Streamline 2016 Initiation
pdf (45.8 KB)
Streamline 2016 Set Up
pdf (59.7 KB)
Streamline 2016 Termination Guidelines
pdf (58.6 KB)
UF Profile Book
pdf (225.7 KB)
Using the Trends History Screens
pdf (609.5 KB)