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The Aquaboss water treatment system produces water recovery rates up to 85%1 for efficient cost savings due to the reduced water consumption over its lifetime and standby periods. The Aquaboss is manufactured with the highest quality standards, enhanced reliability and innovative technology for the dialysis experience.

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Water Purification at the Highest Level

  • Available as single or double stage reverse osmosis device
  • Double stage device performs as a fully redundant system
  • Dead-space-free design concept for the entire installation (AQUAstream)
  • High water recovery rates up to 85% (geared to consumption)
  • Impulse backwashing for clean and long-lasting membrane modules
  • Durable stainless steel design
  • Complete heat-on-demand disinfection (Hot Rinse Smart)


Premium Water Purification Demands Premium Features

The full redundancy of two stages eliminates the need for backup systems.

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The advanced impulse backwashing function is an innovative flow technology that reduces bacterial growth and chemical residuals on the membrane.

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The Aquaboss’s Hot Rinse Smart heat disinfection cleans the entire setup, from the distribution system to the dialysis machine, without requiring a hot water storage tank or harsh chemicals.

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The stainless steel design and innovative membrane housing offer a continuous flow that eliminates dead space within the water treatment system and distribution ring.

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