Carbapenems in the DUPLEX® Container

Two-chamber precision, for the right dose at the right time

The DUPLEX two-compartment flexible IV container stores pre-measured drug and diluent doses separately until administration, while:


Being easy to use and convenient.

  • Easy bedside activation
  • No thawing or mixing procedures
  • Simply fold and squeeze the bag to mix the pharmaceuticals and diluents just prior to administration
  • Compatible with automated dispensing systems
  • The only ready-to-use IV container with a portfolio covering four generations of cephalosporin products
  • Simply label and dispense
  • Automated charting via barcoding
  • Store at room temperature


Enables compliance while protecting patients, providers and the environment.

  • Prevents contamination and protects potency – closed system
  • Helps reduce medication errors – no mixing required
  • Protects medication efficacy – eliminates possibility of delivering diluents without drug
  • Barcoding references final admixture
  • Not made with PVC, DEHP or natural rubber latex – removes potential for release of dioxins during disposal
  • Economical and reduces drug waste
  • Protects patients and healthcare workers from exposure to airborne cephalosporins
  • Meets the Joint Commission and USP <797> guidelines
  • Available in "most-ready-to-use" form


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