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Combined spinal epidural anesthesia (CSE) trays designed to help you maximize your CSE procedural performance and efficiency.

Perform combined spinal epidural anesthesia (CSE) with B. Braun's Espocan®, one of the most technically advanced devices designed to enhance your CSE technique.  B. Braun's combined spinal and epidural procedural trays (kits) are available in a variety of standard and custom procedural trays with different catheter options, including the Perifix® FX springwound catheter.

Espocan combined spinal epidural needles are a combination of Espocan Tuohy and Sleeved Spinal Needles Design.

  • Features a back-eye lumen situated in the heel of a Tuohy bevel to allow the sleeved spinal needle to pass through. This gives the anesthesia provider better tactile feel since needle-to-needle contact is avoided.
  • As the Espocan spinal needle is advanced through the Espocan Tuohy needle its unique centering sleeve aligns the spinal with the back-eye lumen to help prevent an over the curve placement.
  • Epidural catheter is directed through the Tuohy curve, away from the dura puncture site to lessen the chance of intrathecal catheter placement.

Added Flexibility to Meet your Procedural Requirements

Conveniently convert your epidural tray to a CSE tray with B. Braun Espocan add-on needles/sets by dropping on the sterile pack that includes:

  • Espocan Tuohy Needle
  • Espocan Sleeved Pencan® or Spinocan® Spinal Needle
  • 5mL Clear Spinal Syringe

Tray and Set Options Available with Espocan Docking System

Performing the combined spinal epidural technique requires your utmost skill and dexterity - especially after dural puncture with the spinal needle. The challenge is to keep the spinal needle stabilized as the intrathecal anesthetic/analgesic agent is being injected.

The solution to this challenge is the Espocan Docking System, a small, unobtrusive compression sleeve that stabilizes the spinal needle after dural puncture, while allowing rotation of the needle to enhance CSF return.

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Perifix® FX Procedure Video

How to use B. Braun's Perifix FX Springwound Epidural Catheter andEspocan® CSE Needle