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Variety of continuous Epidural trays with different drugs, catheters, LORs and other accessories.

As the world leader in epidural products, and the leading supplier of epidural trays in North America, B. Braun offers the broadest variety of standard line epidural sets, along with single dose and continuous epidural tray configurations — with the quality you trust.

B. Braun epidural trays feature a variety of epidural needles, catheters and accessories.

Epidural Sets:

Easily convert your existing epidural tray to fit to a special procedure or to temporarily use a different type of catheter or needle, with one of our sets. Sets contain an epidural needle together with a choice of catheter and a catheter connector.

Continuous / Single shot trays:

  • B. Braun’s single shot epidural trays, and continuous epidural trays come in three tray classes:
  • Basic trays are the most cost-effective option by reducing tray components to the essentials, without drugs or saline
  • Intermediate trays offer all the components of a basic tray with the convenience of skin wheal drug and saline solution ampules
  • Full trays provide the maximum convenience by providing drug and solution ampules, antibacterial filtration, and more drape options

Continuous epidural trays also come with a catheter selected from our wide variety of catheter options

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