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Echogenic catheter and needle system for continuous nerve blocks

Contiplex® Echo is an echogenic non-stimulating styleted catheter through a stimulating echogenic Tuohy needle (B. Braun’s Contiplex Tuohy Ultra 360 or new* Perican Tuohy Ultra), specifically designed for ultrasound guided PNB catheter placement.

Design Advantages

Contiplex Echo catheter

  • Flat-coil Technology – Entire catheter length is constructed with flat metal coils designed to enhance echogenicity
  • Your Choice - Open tip or closed tip, multiport configurations available
  • Styleted Threadability – Catheter is styleted to help ensure control while threading
  • 55cm – Shorter length designed for less slack to secure

Contiplex Tuohy Ultra 360 needle

  • Better Echogenicity - New X-pattern and clear coating designed for better ultrasound needle visualization and tip identification¹
  • 360° Visibility - 360° markings designed for ultrasound visibility from all sides

New* PERICAN Tuohy Ultra needle

  • Echogenic markings on the front and back of the needle
  • Markings are triangular (∆) - shaped

Patented Sideport Valve

  • Inject/hydrodissect and aspirate with no need to disconnect before threading catheter
  • Optionally pre-load catheter prior to starting procedure to reduce procedural steps. Can still inject/hydrodissect and aspirate while catheter is pre-loaded.
  1. Internal testing: ETRs JMLY-8ADPR2, NPAK-9VRK2K

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