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Echogenic catheter and needle system for continuous nerve block

Contiplex® Echo is an echogenic non-stimulating styleted catheter through a stimulating echogenic Tuohy needle (B. Braun’s Contiplex Tuohy Ultra); both are designed specifically for ultrasound guided PNB catheter placement.

Contiplex Tuohy is the most frequently used CPNB catheter system in the United States.1 Contiplex Echo uses the same needle, but with echogenic markings designed for improved visibility at steeper angles, and utilizes the echogenic Contiplex Echo catheter.

Design Advantages

Contiplex Echo catheter

  • Flat-coil Technology – Entire catheter length is constructed with flat metal coils designed to enhance echogenicity
  • Your Choice - Open tip or closed tip, multiport configurations available
  • Styleted Threadability – Catheter is styleted to help ensure control while threading
  • 55cm – Shorter length designed for less slack to secure

Contiplex Tuohy Ultra needle

  • Laser etched echogenic markings - Improved ultrasound visibility at steeper angles
  • Microdot Electrode – Designed for more pronounced motor response at closer nerve to needle distances
  • Needle depth graduations
  • Ergonomic hub

Patented Sideport Valve

  • Inject/hydrodissect and aspirate with no need to disconnect before threading catheter
  • Optionally pre-load catheter prior to starting procedure to reduce procedural steps. Can still inject/hydrodissect and aspirate while catheter is pre-loaded.

* For use with HNS11/12 Nerve Stimulators

1. IMS Data Q3 2011

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