Contiplex® Tuohy

Non-stimulating catheter system for continuous nerve block.

Contiplex® Tuohy is a non-stimulating catheter through a stimulating tuohy needle and is designed to help reduce procedural steps during catheter placement. The patented sideport with valve facilitates pre-loading of the catheter while the integrated sideport allows injection and catheter placement without the need to disconnect during the procedure.

Contiplex Tuohy is the most frequently used CPNB catheter system in the United States.1

Design Advantages

Contiplex Tuohy needle

  • Fully coated stimulation needle with Tuohy bevel and pin point electrode designed for more pronounced motor response at closer nerve to needle distances.
  • Graduations to show needle depth.
  • Sideport valve technique for easier injection/ catheter positioning.

Perifix® catheter

  • Transparent Polyamide catheter with blue graduation pattern for easy insertion depth identification
  • 100cm to cover deeper blocks.
  • Closed tip with 3 lateral eyes.
  • Duration of use is 72hr.

For use with HNS11/12 and Stimuplex® DIG Nerve stimulators.

1. IMS Data Q3 2011

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