Design Options® Program

Delivering patient care by providing you with what you need, where and when you need it.

Streamline your practice and ordering process while delivering patient safety by minimizing exposure to infection-causing contaminates with preassembled sets.


The Program

Design Options® is a customer-focused service offered by B. Braun Medical, Inc. to identify and develop solutions with specially designed* IV sets that address healthcare professionals’ unique therapeutic, business and environmental demands. 

B. Braun’s Design Options service is a convenient and cost-effective way to offer designs that may meet the infection reduction and financial goals of your facility. The program is designed to help you deliver quality patient care while providing you with what you need, where and when you need it. Simply select from available components, and we will assemble them into individual, ready-to-use packages according to your specifications*.


Potential Benefits

Contamination/Infection Control

When assembling an IV set, infection causing contaminates can be inadvertently introduced into the fluid path from almost anywhere – your hands, the surface you are working on, and even the air.* Moreover, the more parts there are to assemble, the greater the opportunity for contamination to occur during assembly. 

Design Options® IV sets come preassembled in one sterile package. Less assembly minimizes the potential for introduction of contamination.

Cost Reduction

It takes multiple components to create one IV set, and costs can add up quickly when buying each component separately from different vendors. With Design Options®, you can choose only the components you need as part of your IV set* and have them delivered to you in preassembled, individually wrapped packages. Choosing to have all components prepared in one package and produced in a cost-effective manner may reduce the overall cost** of the final product used on the patient. It may also reduce the cost of labor of assembly, disposal of waste, the need for multiple vendors, and increase shelf space.

Vendor Consolidation

When each IV set component comes from a separate vendor, it is easy to see how the overall cost of the set can increase. B. Braun is able to provide all the components* needed for a complete IV set, eliminating the need to buy components from multiple vendors. Utilizing one vendor for all your IV set needs reduces the cost of purchase orders and materials management. 

Labor Reduction

It takes time to prepare an IV set, and we know how important time is when it comes to providing care for your patients. The more components there are to assemble, the more time it takes the clinician to finish the task and the less time they have for other important duties. Preassembled IV sets like those offered through Design Options® reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to prepare an IV set so less time can be spent in preparation and more time spent with the patient.

* Designs are only available for IV administration intended uses with approved components, combinations and confirmed bonding methods. Consult the B. Braun Design Options Component Guide for a list of acceptable components. Your B. Braun representative will share with you approved combinations and bonding methods.

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