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IV Fat Emulsions — Source of Calories and Essential Fatty Acids

Nutrilipid® 20% (a 20% Soybean Oil I.V. Fat Emulsion) is indicated as a source of calories and essential fatty acids for parenteral nutrition and as a source of essential fatty acids when a deficiency occurs when oral or enteral nutrition is not possible, insufficient, or contraindicated.

Nutrilipid 20% (a Soybean Oil I.V. Fat Emulsion) is a sterile, nonpyrogenic fat emulsion prepared for intravenous administration. Each 100 mL of Nutrilipid 20% contains: Soybean Oil 20g; Egg Yolk phospholipid 1.2g; Glycerin USP (glycerol) 2.5 g; Sodium Oleate 0.03g; Water for Injection USP qs.

pH adjusted with Sodium Hydroxide NF.

pH: 6.8 (6.0-8.9); Osmolarity: 390 mOsmolKg (actual). Contains emulsified fat particles averaging approximately 0.26 micron in diameter, similar to naturally occurring chylomicrons. The total caloric value, including fat, phospholipid, and glycerol is 2.0 Kcal per mL.

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