Pencan® Spinal Anesthesia Needles

Selection of Pencil Point Spinal needles

Pencan Pencil Point needles provide an atraumatic tip design.  The special tip geometry results in low PDPH rates and superior tactile feedback, allowing for a distinct "dura click."

The needle also is designed for minimal intrathecal insertion depth to protect against nerve injuries and paresthesia.  All Pencan needles are designed for high flow rates and rapid CSF appearance.

Available in sizes from 22 - 27 Ga. and lengths from 1 - 6.1 inches.

Pencan Facts and Figures

  • Shorter tip-to-back of eyelet distance (1.7mm) designed to minimize insertion depth of the needle tip into the subarachnoid space.
  • Shorter tip-to-front of eyelet distance (1.05mm) designed for quicker flashback.
  • Eyelet is sized at 0.65mm to reduce risk of inaccurate drug delivery caused by “straddling the dura” (the average lumbar dura thickness is 1.0mm1).

1. Sosis MB, M.D., et al. “An In-Vitro Evaluation of the New Shorter Orifice Sprotte Spinal Needle.” Anesthesia and Analgesia, 1994; 78:S410

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