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Variety of different lengths and sizes of Tuohy needles

Because each patient presents a unique anatomical condition, precision and versatility are equally important in epidural procedures.

With Perifix® epidural needles, along with an extensive selection of sizes, styles and features to meet any application, you are also assured meticulous construction and reliability.

In fact, the Perifix 17 Ga. epidural needle "was clearly the most durable of the needles tested"1 when evaluated in a test for stiffness and malleability compared to a variety of epidural needles from other domestic manufacturers.2

Choose from our:

  • Tuohy needles: 17 Ga., 18 Ga., 20 Ga., and 22 Ga.
  • Hustead needles: 17 Ga., and 18 Ga.
  • Also see our EpicanTM Caudal needles (pediatric): 20 Ga., and 22 Ga.

Most frequently used needle sizes are also available as sets (together with an epidural catheter and catheter connector) to be dropped on an existing tray.

Perifix needles design feature:

  • Precision ground, matched stylets to help reduce the risk of tissue coring
  • Convenient 1cm depth markings making it easier to observe and control the exact depth of insertion
  • Polished inner bevel to smooth the edge and help minimize the risk of catheter shearing
  • Clear polycarbonate hubs to offer easy visualization of blood or CSF
  • Fixed wings on most needles providing a stable surface for your fingers
  • Hourglass-shaped, ridged hub, offering ergonomic placement of your fingers
  1. Dunn SM, Goolishian, WT. All Epidural Needles Are Not Created Equal. Anesth Analg 1996;83(3):659.
  2. Dunn S.M., et al. A Fractured Epidural Needle: Case Report and Study. Anesth Analg 1992;75: 1050 - 52

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