Perifix® FX Springwound Epidural Anesthesia Catheter

The soft and flexible high-end catheter.

Our softest catheter, ideal for labor and delivery

  • Available in 19G open and closed-tip.

With an inner spring in a special formulation of polyamide nylon, the Perifix FX catheter provides the ideal balance of softness and stability.

The result? A design intended to provide safer, more
accurate insertions that benefit patients and anesthesiologists alike. Available in a closed-tip multi-port or open-tip uni-port design — it’s your choice!

The bottom line? Our advanced springwound epidural catheters are designed to enable easier insertion, enhanced patient comfort and minimized risk of vessel puncture and paresthesia.

Superior product performance has been the hallmark of B. Braun epidural catheters for more than 25 years. Because of this, anesthesia providers have come to trust and depend on Perifix epidural catheters.

Perifix catheters are:

  • Kink and stretch resistant
  • Easy to thread and remove
  • Not made with latex
  • Easy to anchor with the Perifix Catheter Connector
  • Minimizes risk of vessel puncture, intrathecal placement and paresthesia
  • Easy to advance and remove
  • Consistent, reproducible feel
  • Optimal drug spread

Safety Information:

BPA Information: Components not made with BPA
DEHP Information: Components not made with DEHP
Latex Information: Components not made with Natural Rubber
MR Information: MR Unsafe

Additional information

Need Springwound Catheter Options?

We are happy to offer you two additional Perifix FX Epidural Springwound Catheter options through our Custom Tray program.

Both options provide the advantages of our well-known Perifix FX Catheter and include additional features to help improve procedural outcomes.


Perifix FX with Dispensing Coil

  • Easy handling and threadability
  • Reduced chance of catheter leaving the sterile field
  • Available in closed-tip, multi-port and open-tip, uni-port design


Perifix FX with Metal Stylet*

  • Easy threading and steerability while maintaining the flexibility of the distal 5cm for a very flexible, atraumatic tip
  • Available in closed-tip, multi-port and open-tip, uni-port design


* Stylet needs to be removed after successful catheter placement

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Perifix® FX Procedure Video

How to use B. Braun's Perifix FX Springwound Epidural Catheter andEspocan® CSE Needle