Stimuplex® Ultra 360®

NeXt Generation echogenic stimulating needle for single shot nerve block

Stimuplex® Ultra 360® needles feature B. Braun’s new echogenic 360° X-pattern. The ‘X’ is a unique shape, which when combined with a clear coating, reflects more ultrasound waves back to the probe than previous designs.¹ These needles are designed to provide visibility without compromising puncture characteristics, featuring the same 30° bevel found on other market-leading² Stimuplex needles.

Design Benefits

  • Better Echogenicity - New X-pattern and clear coating results in better ultrasound visualization and tip identification¹
  • 360° Visibility - 360° markings designed for ultrasound visibility from all sides
  • Designed for Consistent Puncture - Same 30° back-cut bevel as current Stimuplex needles

1. Internal testing: ETRs JMLY-8ADPR2, NPAK-9VRK2K
2. IMS Data, Q4 2014

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