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Elastomeric pump systems for short-term and long-term infusions

Easypump® ST/LT elastomeric infusion pumps are designed to give clinicians and nurses the option to deliver pre-determined amounts of medication to the patient in a continuous and accurate manner, either in the hospital or at home.

Easypump ST/LT features a patented “Sliding Core” designed to help ensure the pump reservoir is filled and contracts in a consistent, concentric manner. Medication is delivered to the patient by positive pressure applied by the elastomeric membrane. The flow rate is determined by the combination of the flow regulation device (flow restrictor) and the positive pressure of the elastomeric membrane. This pressure delivers the solution against the back-pressure of the vascular access device and blood pressure in the vein. Back-pressure affects the flow rate.

U.S. Patent # 8,523,815 B2


Easypump ST/LT delivers the benefits you require.

Benefits for Pharmacy: Increasing Efficiencies

  • Silicone elastomer designed for easy filling
  • Transparent balloon construction to help facilitate easier inspection for articulates
  • Color coding for flow rate identification
  • Air eliminating filter and particulate filter
  • Comprehensive drug compatibility and stability data
  • No programming or rate changing necessary
  • Requires no batteries or electric devices
  • Versatile use for:
    • Antibiotic therapy
    • Chemotherapy
  • Components are not made with natural rubber latex or DEHP

Benefits for Nursing: Patient Satisfaction

  • Designed for ease of use
  • Color coding by flow rate for distinction when multiple drugs are prescribed
  • No programming required
  • “Sliding Core” technology designed for consistent, concentric balloon contraction
  • Single-use system designed for clean and easy handling
  • Continuous flow rate designed for increased accuracy
  • Unique Comfort Cap design helps protect filling port
  • Components are not made with natural rubber latex or DEHP

Benefits for Patients: Staying mobile

  • Small, light-weight design makes pump easy to transport in a discreet carry pouch
  • Requires no batteries, power cords or IV poles, helping to make it easier for patient to return to normal activities sooner
  • Fixed flow rate design requires no programming or drop counting
  • Easypump ST/LT is disposable and is designed to be safely disconnected and discarded immediately after the pump is empty
  • Components are not made with natural rubber latex or DEHP

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