Surecan™ Safety II Port Access Needle

High pressure-resistant, non-coring, safety-engineered needle for port access

The Surecan™ Safety II Port Access Needle, a safety engineered needle for accessing implanted intravenous ports. The non-coring and angled needles are suitable for power injections up to 325 psi.1 The Surecan Safety II has a manually activated safety mechanism that is designed to deploy upon needle removal and to shield the tip, to reduce needlestick injuries.

Surecan Safety II’s features include:

  • A green dot, which appears through the clear bottom plate when the safety mechanism is successfully engaged.
  • A low profile and foam pad, designed to assist with the placement of a securement dressing. The nonabsorbent pad and closed cell materials are designed to help reduce the risk of needlestick injuries.
  • Flexible and ergonomic wings, provide secure handling during insertion and removal of the needle.2
  • A small, transparent, round based plate, designed to help increase stability and help visualize the placement of the needle.

The Surecan Safety II is available with or without a Y-site and pre-attached CARESITE® luer access device.

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