Perfusor® PCA Syringe Pump

The Perfusor® PCA Syringe Pump is ideal for adult and pediatric care areas for the safe delivery of controlled substances. A similar interface and workflow as B. Braun’s Perfusor® Space® Syringe Pump and Infusomat® Space® Large Volume Pump. Dedicated Space Lockbox secures the pump and locks to the IV pole.

Key Features:

  • Distinctive: PCA faceplate on the keypad differentiates the device from other pumps.
  • Patient Interface: Clearly recognizable PCA bolus button.
  • Weight Based Dosing: Can be programmed with weight based and non-weight based PCA dosing limits.
  • PCA Drug Library: Drug library-based PCA settings with customizable hard and soft limits and clinical advisories.
  • Secure: Enhance narcotic security and help prevent tampering using:
    • Keypad lockout code
    • Dedicated Lockbox (secures pump and locks to the IV pole)
  • Safety: Automatic syringe drive arm and piston brake designed to prevent inadvertent bolus during syringe change. Post-occlusion bolus reduction software designed to minimize bolus after occlusion. 
  • Independent Modularity: Helps to prevent channel confusion and catastrophic pump failures.
  • Efficient Design: Lightweight and compact design takes less space for increased versatility in healthcare settings.
  • Unique KeyGuard™: Non-numeric keypad with simple arrows designed to prevent manual programming errors by forcing user to observe the screen during programming and making it impossible for errors such as zero vs decimal to occur.

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