OnGuard® Closed System Transfer Device (CSTD)

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Health care worker safety is as important as patient safety. OnGuard CSTD protects employees against the harmful risks of hazardous drug exposure. With more than 500 customers, OnGuard is the market leader in CSTD air-cleaning technology, a NIOSH-recognized hazardous drug containment technology. The unique features of this technology are designed to make OnGuard easy to operate and easy to integrate into your practice to help you meet USP 800.


  • Majority of hazardous drug compounding can be done with just three SKUs. Designed to reduce waste, help make implementations easier and reduce confusion.
  • Just compound and go. No need to pre-prime or pre-activate the vial adaptor.
  • Click to lock. No push and twist. Linear connection designed to help reduce repetitive strain injury (RSI) and provide audible click for validation.
  • Designed for easier swabability and disinfection.
    Flat and smooth valve surfaces.
  • No proprietary components. Works with any off the shelf syringe, no need to stock new syringes.
  • Helps facilitate easier withdrawal of viscous fluids.
    16G fluid pathway.

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