ULTRAPORT™ Swabbable Port Stopcocks

Needle-free protection against CRBSIs

Patient safety is paramount, and B. Braun designed the needle-free ULTRAPORT series in response to growing concerns about stopcock contamination. Research shows that infection control measures in the anesthesia work area may help reduce infections.

  1. Furthermore, disinfectable needle-free connectors are more effective than conventional caps in preventing the passage of microorganisms in the catheter lumen.
  2. B. Braun’s ULTRAPORT™ luer-activated high-flow stopcocks and ULTRAPORT™ Zer0 one-piece closed system stopcocks offer revolutionary benefits that are designed to prevent contamination and leaks without caps.

The ULTRAPORT design:

  • Incorporates a standard stopcock with needle-free swabbable valves, so no add-ons are needed.
  • Avoids leaks if handle is inadvertently left open.
  • Eliminates caps, reducing set changes.
  • Transfers with the patient post-operatively
  1. Loftus R, Koff MD, Burchman CC., et al. Transmission of pathogenic bacterial organisms in the anesthesia work area. Anesthesiology. 2008. 109:3.
  2. Yebenes J, Martinez R, Serra-Prat M ,et al. Resistance to the migration of microorganisms of the needle-free disinfectable connector: Am J Infect Control. 2003; 26;31:462)

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