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High-Flow Safety One-way or Two-way Valves

SAFEPORT is an intuitive manifold designed for one-way or two-way fluid flow. It is available in 2 and 3 port configurations, with or without swabbable valves.

Use SAFEPORT manifolds for maximum fluid and drug delivery efficiency in the Operating Room. Confidently maintain drug dosing integrity when administering multiple drugs while the SAFEPORT handle is parallel to the fluid path and conveniently aspirate or provide a gravity administration while the handle is perpendicular to the fluid path.

Additional information

Position A – Handle parallel to the fluid path functions like a normally closed valve

  • One-way, pressure activated
  • Designed to prevent inadvertent mixing or dilution
  • Used for induction only

Position B – Handle perpendicular to fluid path adds aspiration and gravity functionality

  • Two-way, free flow
  • Ability to aspirate simplifies air removal from side port
  • Used for aspiration as well as gravity administration or induction

Side port handles do not control the main fluid path. Fluid path is controlled by adjusting clamps or stopcocks on associated tubing. If fluid path directional control is desired, combine SAFEPORT with an ULTRAPORT™ zer0 or other B. Braun stopcock.


Additional Benefits:


  • Swabbable closed system designed to prevent contamination
  • Avoids leaks if handle is inadvertently left open
  • Minimal dead space minimizes residual drug


Convenience and Cost Savings

  • One piece design with needlefree swabbable valve, no add-ons needed
  • Eliminates caps, reducing set changes
  • Transfers with patient post-operatively

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